Seminar in Moscow on 02/26/2022

Dear friends!

We invite you to a seminar dedicated to the development of awareness, the disclosure of unconditional love and the opening of the heart. The seminar is designed to make a person more aware and strengthen his presence in the present moment. 

You will be able to look deep into yourself and feel a state of silence, tranquility and silence.

The program includes: 

1. Practice: Static toneGymnastics of Spiritual Awakening Pranayama Meditation

2. Answers to your questions.

The time of the event is 26.02.22, beginning at 12:00 and ending at 17:00 Venue: 

Moscow Yoga School, large hall.address: B. Serpukhovskaya str., house 19/37, p. 4metro: SerpukhovskayaContact 

phone number: +7 (903) 760-25-82 Atma Prema 

(Oksana Yurievna Livandovskaya)