This website is dedicated to the art of life (living). The true spiritual development of the person happens not only during yoga or other practices. The true spiritual development of the person happens where the person is. That is why, it does not matter what are you doing, but it is important, what you are aiming at. And the actions we commit just help us to reach the chosen aim. We hope that on this website you will find the information that will help you in your life to merge spiritual practices and everyday being.

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Control myself  among a crowd of confusion,
  You swearing for all the confusion.
  Believe in myself, in spite of the universe,
  And faith, let their sin.
  Let the hour is not broke, do not wait for tired,
  Let the lying liars, does not condescend to them
  Learn to forgive and not to seem forgiving,
  Generous and wise friend

Learn to dream,  can not become a slave of Dreams
  And to think, thought not to deify;
  Meet equal success and a taunt,
  Not forgetting that their voice liar.
  Stay quiet when your same word
  Cripples knave, to hunt the fools
  When the whole life is ruined, and again
  You must recreate all with the basics.

Know how to put  in joyful hope
  Map all that has accumulated with difficulty,
  Everything to lose, and the poor become, as before,
  And never regret the fact;
  Be able to force the heart, nerves, body
  Serve you when your chest
  It has long been all empty, all burned
  Only the will says, "Go!"

Stay simple,  talking to kings,
  Stay honest, speaking to the crowd;
  Be direct and firm with enemies and friends,
  Let all be considered in its hour with you.
  Give meaning to every moment
  Hours and days of the relentless running —
  Then the world you take the possession,
  Then, my son, you're the man!

Rudyard Kipling

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