Parable. Good or evil?

One day, young girl knocked on the door of a wise man and told her story.

“I do not know how to live ...” - she said. “All my life I have to treat people as I would like them to treat me, I was sincere with them and opened my soul ... If possible, I try to do something good to everyone, without expecting anything in return, help if I could. I really did it all for free, but instead received the mischief and ridicule. I am ashamed and I'm simply tired ... I beg you, tell me, what should I do?”

The wise man listened patiently and then gave the girl an advice:

“Undress and go entirely naked through the streets of the city” - the old man said quietly.

“I'm sorry, but I have not sunk into such a ... You're probably mad or joking! If I do this, I do not know what to expect from passers-by ... You'll see, someone may dishonor or mock me ...

Wise man suddenly stood up, opened the door and put a mirror on the table.

“You're ashamed to go out naked, but for some reason you are not ashamed to walk around with a naked soul. You let everyone into your sole. Your soul – is a mirror, which is why we all see ourselves reflected in others. Their soul is full of evils and vices - it is such an ugly picture they see when look in your pure soul. They lack the strength and the courage to admit that you're better than them, and to change. Unfortunately, only truly brave people can do it ...

“So, what should I do? How can I change this situation, if, in fact, nothing depends on me?” - asked the beauty.

“Come with me, I have something to show you ... Look, this is my garden. For many years, I water the flowers of unprecedented beauty and take care of them. Honestly, I have never seen the blooming buds of the flowers. All I was able to see are beautiful blooming flowers that attract with their beauty and fragrant aroma. Child, learn from nature. Look at these wonderful flowers and do as they - disclose your heart to the people carefully, so no one even notices. Open your soul only to good people. Get away from those who pluck your petals, throw them to their feet and tramples. These weeds have not grown up to you, so you cannot help them. They will only see an ugly reflection of themselves in you.

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